Billettportalen makes a living mediating tickets between event organisers (theatres, music venues, stadiums, etc.) and the customers wanting to buy a ticket. Billettportalen's earnings come from the fees connected to purchase of tickets via Billettportalen

Ticket fee

The fee may be contained in the price of the ticket - this is when the organiser pays the fee. When the fee is paid by the buyer of the ticket, the fee is added to the price of the ticket.

In the event of cancellation, the ticket fees charged will not be refunded. If the fee has been paid by the organiser, the full amount will be refunded. The ticket fee can vary and is typically between NOK 10-30.00, incl. VAT per ticket.

Delivery charge

If you want Billettportalen to print your ticket, it will be sent to you via the Danish postal service. The delivery charge is NOK 50 for addresses in Norway. For addresses outside Norway, we charge a higher fee depending on the country. If you order five tickets at the same time which are all to be sent to the same address, we still only charge one delivery fee. Delivery charge will not be refunded on cancellation.

Reissue fee

If your ticket has been stolen, you have washed it or had other mishaps to which Billettportalen is not liable, it will cost you a fee of NOK 100 to cancel the lost ticket plus NOK 20 to have a new ticket printed and sent.