Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Tickets for Eurovision Song Contest 2014, 2014, København K

Take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014!

The world’s biggest music contest
This year, for only the third time in its history, the Eurovision Song Contest is being hosted by Denmark. You can be part of this historical event and experience the stars of the world’s biggest music contest close up at one of several spectacular shows to be held in the B&W Hallerne at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. 

Final and semi-finals
The two semi-final shows on 6 and 8 May will be transmitted live on TV, as will the final show on 10 May, when the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest will be decided. As the host country, Denmark is assured of a place in the final (together with France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK). The other participating countries will compete in the two semi-finals for a place in the final.

Jury shows
Jury shows will be held on the evenings before the final and semi-final shows. These shows serve as general rehearsals and it is these performances that the juries in all the European countries will vote on; therefore the excitement will be just as great as for the shows that are broadcast live on TV. With attractive costumes and memorable stage shows, the perfect Eurovision Song Contest atmosphere is guaranteed.

Family shows
You and your family can also get up close to the live action at one of the three family shows. These shows are general rehearsals without costumes, and are held in the afternoon on the days when the semi-finals and final take place. A family show is a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of a TV spectacular and a great way to warm up for the evening’s semi-final or final show live on TV.

Limited number of tickets per person
As many people as possible shall have the opportunity to experience one of the many spectacular shows. Therefore the number of tickets available per person is limited.

Final on 10 May: max. 6 tickets
Semi-finals on 6 and 8 May: max. 8 tickets
Jury final on 9 May: max. 8 tickets
Jury semi-finals on 5 and 7 May: max. 10 tickets
Family final on 10 May (afternoon): max. 10 tickets
Family semi-finals on 6 and 8 May (afternoon): max. 10 tickets

Corporate group tickets
Those wishing to buy ticket packages including dinner or ticket packages for larger groups should forward their request to gruppesalg@billetlugen.dk with ”Eurovision 2014” in the subject line. Remember to specify which shows and which tickets you require. All requests will be collected and then processed, after which you will receive a direct reply. Please note that you are not guaranteed tickets until you receive an offer from the ticket office. Your enquiry is not binding in any way.

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