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Good advice for purchase of tickets for popular events

You can do things yourself to make your purchase as quick and easy as possible - also when you are buying tickets for the large and very popular events. Here are some good advice for purchase of tickets at Billettportalen.

About buying online:
Only have one window open in your internet browser!

More than one open browser window will not get you further ahead in the line. It strains the system unnecessarily and gives a wrong image of how many buyers are in line. In the end this only hurts yourself.

Click each button only once!

Be patient. When the system is overloaded, the response times are longer than they usually are. Clicking the same button several times will do you no good. You risk cancelling the purchase you are making.

Never use the browser's "back" button!

You risk cancelling your purchase.

Do not be too particular about your seats!

Accept the seats you first selected or were given. If you click "no thanks" to go back and look for better seats, you risk that other buyers have been granted the seats in the meantime. Especially when the system is overloaded.

Be specific when entering your details!

It is important that you enter the correct details about your credit card and your email address. If you enter wrong details, the payment will be rejected, and your purchase will be cancelled at worst.

About your online receipt:

Your purchase has not been completed until you have seen the image with your receipt.
If you do not see this image, your purchase is not complete.

About your receipt by e-mail:

Your receipt is also submitted to you on the email address you have provided. Receipts are distributed in the order in which the purchases have been completed. Accordingly, in periods of overload, it may take some time before the email with your receipt reaches you.

About specific problems with online purchase:

If you have experienced a specific problem in connection with your purchase, you can send an email to our customer service on kundeservice@billettportalen.no. It is a good idea to enclose a screen dump of the page where you believe the problem arose. We answer specific emails as soon as possible, but please be patient. We are unable to examine specific problems and answer immediately in periods with overload.

About buying tickets via our call centre on 04612:

Our call centre has a queuing system. Customers are serviced in the order they have phoned in. If there is not room for all in the queue, you will hear a busy tone. Hang up and try again a couple of minutes later.

Be a good ticket buyer!

Think of everyone else wanting to buy tickets like yourself. Show that you are a good ticket buyer - during as well as after the purchase.
• Do not buy more tickets than you need!
• If you are prevented from using your ticket, sell it at face value. We do not need ticket touts!
Never buy tickets through unauthorised points of sale. You risk getting tricked with a fake/invalid ticket. If you buy tickets on "the black market", you help supporting the ticket touts.